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Flower gift
Dinner Time
Sand-eels arrival
Backlit flight
A Mouthful of eels
Sunset chat
Wing Flap Puffin with feast
Sunset Puffin flight
Puffin lunch in the flowers
Early morning Puffin with sand eels
Puffin with sandeels in flight
Cheeky faced Puffin
Puffin with feather gift
Portrait with Sand-eels
Puffin in the Green
Backlit puffin stretch
Puffin with Sandeels portrait
Backlit Puffin with sand eels
Dinner for the chick
Landing approach
Puffin Pair-bonding
A mouth full of eels
Mating puffins
Puffin with feather
Sandeels in the flowers
Food for the baby (Puffin with eels)
Puffin curves
Peeping Puffin
The Preacher
Sandeels at dawn
Puffin in the rain
Sitting Pretty
Puffin portrait
Puffin in the grass
Curious puffin portrait
Sitting pretty
Puffin gathering
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